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To make Parsnip Cakes: a 17thC accompaniment for today’s turkey

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If you would like to try something different with parsnips this year, why not try this 17th century recipe from In Grandmother Gell’s Kitchen.

They make an excellent accompaniment to a roast dinner, and would work very well with Christmas dinner, being a little different to roast parsnips, but are neither too rich nor tricky to make. The recipe is below both in its original, and interpreted for today. I haven’t tried serving them with the sugar sauce though!

To make Parsnip Cakes

Take yor parsnips wn they are boyled break y as small as you can gett y & beat 6 eggs & but abt 2 or 3 of ye whites & a little Tyme & beat y all together, & heat ye frying-pan very hot put y in little cakes into yor pan when they are fryed beat some butter & a little suger for ye sawce. You must put a little sugar into yor cakes too.

 2 medium sized parsnips

1 egg

Fresh thyme or rosemary

Boil the parsnips until tender and mash them with a potato masher, add the chopped herbs and beaten egg. Shape into small cakes and roll in flour. These can then either be fried in butter, until each side is golden, or cooked in the oven. I found making them into small cakes and putting them in with roast potatoes for twenty minutes worked very well.



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